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AFG 2.0 AR Recumbent - FreeSPIN™ technology eliminates potential jarring stops that could put stress on the legs and joints.

AFG 4.0 AR Recumbent - Reliable performance in a near health-club quality ride. Side-console design is a break from traditional exercise bike styles.

Bladez Master Bike - A very good buy at $699, but we would not recommend it at a higher price as there are better bikes out there in the $800 to $1000 range.

Bladez Jet Upright Exercise Bike - The excellent reviews and comments on the Bladez Jet are a testament to its outstanding quality and flexibility.

Bladez Aero PRO Indoor Cycle - The Aero PRO Indoor Cycle is a stylish, sleek and attractive spin bike that can hold its own against many higher priced, commercial spinners.

Cybex Remanufactured Cyclone 530r Recumbent - An older version of the company's current recumbents; very popular with physical therapists and physical rehab centers.

Cybex Remanufactured Cyclone 530c Upright - The Cybex 530c has been discontinued, but it lives on in some gyms and many private homes as a refurbished or remanufactured marvel of durability.

Cybex Remanufactured 700r Recumbent - A top quality commercial grade machine for in home use at a significantly lower price than a new model.

Cybex Remanufactured 700c Upright - A commercial grade model that includes a nicely padded, adjustable, pneumatic bike seat; well worth the price, will last for years.

Cybex 750r Recumbent - Superior comfort, reliability, durability and performance for heavy use all day every day. If money is no object for your home gym, this bike is the best.

Cybex 750c Upright - This is the same bike that is sold to health clubs and rehab clinics for heavy use by multiple users. It will serve you flawlessly in your own home gym.

Diamondback 510Sr Recumbent - This bike delivers: quiet operation, solid frame, easy mount and dismount, smooth pedaling action, comfortable seat, simple console, and great entertainment options.

Diamondback 910Sr Recumbent - A very good machine at a reasonable price. Frictionless eddy current brake system delivers smooth, quiet pedaling performance.

Diamondback 510Ub Upright - This upright packs a lot of value. Eddy current brake system, belt drive, and 14-lb flywheel offer a smooth, quiet ride throughout the 16 increment levels of resistance.

Diamondback 910Ub Upright - Good reviews by equipment pros and home users. One of the top bikes at priced at $799; rated Good Buy for quality and features.

Endurance B2R Recumbent - This recumbent bike by Body Solid gets good reviews thanks to a smooth and quiet flywheel, and one of the best warranties in the business.

Endurance B2U Upright - An extremely quiet ride and a lifetime warranty on parts; a decent buy if it wasn’t for the console.

Endurance B2.5R Recumbent - Light commercial unit is rated for fitness centers, schools, corporate facilities, rehab clinics and home use.

Endurance B3R Recumbent - A light commercial and home model that features self-generating power, near-silent operation, and a lifetime warranty on parts.

Endurance B3U Upright - A belt-drive model that is super quiet and stable, with near-silent operation, and a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee on every part.

Epic A17R Recumbent - The Epic A17R is designed to deliver a smooth and quiet ride plus offer a number of entertainment features.

Epic A17U Upright - A heavy 140-lb upright – which is another plus since many bikes at this price can weigh less than 90 pounds and tend to wobble under heavier users.

Fitnex R50-S Recumbent - This bike gets excellent reviews, with users remarking on the ease of use, simple seat adjustment, swivel console, virtually silent operation, and club quality feel.

Fitnex R70 Recumbent - The Fitnex R70 provides one of the quietest, smoothest rides on the market thanks to superior parts and magnetic resistance.

Fitnex B50 Upright - A solid bike on the budget end of the spectrum; constructed from quality parts, whisper quiet performance, easy to assemble.

Fitnex B70 Upright - A commercial grade, extremely rugged model for in-home use. We like the stability and extremely quiet ride.

Fitnex X Series Velocity Training Bike - A club-quality spin bike that can handle hard-core power training for every day demanding workouts; rated high in all categories.

Fitnex Momentum - The Fitnex Momentum offers multiple ways to adjust the seat position and adjustable handlebars for the most comfortable ride possible; a solid bike with premium parts.

HealthRider H30x Upright -If this upright looks similar to a NordicTrack or a ProForm model, it’s because they are all made by Icon Fitness and are simply relabeled for each brand.

HealthRider H35xr Recumbent - While the H35xr may get some passable reviews, it is not the good deal that it seems. You will be tempted to buy the extended warranty which will add to the price significantly.

Horizon RC-30 Recumbent - Reviews on this model are some of the best we’ve ever read. It scores well in terms of attractiveness, ease of use, smooth pedaling, quiet operation, variety of programs.

Horizon M4 Upright - An affordably priced spin bike with a hefty flywheel and a compact frame.

Kettler HKS Polo M - Lightweight and portable, very well made, has the durability of a bike costing twice as much; very quiet and smooth for a home model.

Kettler Race Indoor Training Bike - A well-engineered quality bike which offers a very different look from other Spinner-type bikes on the market.

Kettler X1 Upright Bike - A strong choice for a durable cardio trainer; you get quality components and ergonomic features – not frills, graphics, and programs you don’t need.

Kettler EX3 Upright Bike - This exercise bike gives the user a comfortable upright posture and a good-size 22-lb flywheel for a superior workout session; a good indoor cycle with a solid warranty.

Kettler RX7 Recumbent Bike - The comfortable RX7 can be used by senior citizens or people in injury rehab. Unique brake system offers extensive range of variable, frictionless electromagnetic resistance.

Lifecore LC1050UBs Upright - A Best Buy by Consumer Digest. Wonderful ergonomic design feels and fits better than most competitor models.

Lifecore LC850RBs Recumbent - If you don’t want to spend over $1000, and feel that a compact footprint bike will be a good fit for you, the LC850RBs is an excellent choice.

Lifecore LC950RBs Recumbent - The Lifecore LC950RBs makes the most sense when you compare the warranties, frame size, flywheel, and features of the three Lifecore recumbents.

Lifecore LC1050RBs Recumbent - Club-quality feel, custom-crafted ergonomics, attractive display, super compact design. These standard features are also found on the other two Lifecore models costing hundreds less.

Life Fitness C1 Upright LifeCycle - We recommend the C1 Upright LifeCycle with the Advanced Console for around $1,499 as a Best Buy; one of the most comfortable stationary bikes on the market.

Life Fitness LifeCycle 9500HR Recumbent - The distinguished LifeCycle 9500HR helped to set the standard on which all other commercial health club bikes are based. Now discontinued, you can still buy this bike as a refurbished model.

Life Fitness Club Series Upright - Reviews on this model are excellent as expected. Its smooth ride is above and beyond any other upright bike you have ever tried.

Life Fitness Club Series Recumbent - Offers the guilty-pleasure comforts just like health club models costing twice as much. But do you really need a $3,000 stationary bike?

Lifespan S2 Indoor Cycle - Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. You won’t be able to find a 40-lb flywheel + belt drive system for under $500 that rivals the S2.

Lifespan S4 Indoor Cycle - A good-looking, comfortable, ergonomic, easy to use bike but there are a few issues that reviews mention on this model.

Lifespan C3 Upright - An excellent choice for just $699. Quality components in the flywheel and brake system, a full array of challenging programs.

Lifespan R3 Recumbent - Offers a smooth ride with fluid transitions between the frictionless resistance levels. Reviews on this model are outstanding, rated 4 and 5 stars out of 5!

Livestrong LS7.0B Recumbent - a well built indoor cycle that easily earns its Lance Armstrong endorsement. Value-priced, rivals many higher-priced units.

Livestrong LS9.9IC Indoor Cycle - Compares favorably to the outstanding Spinner Pro and Spinner Velo made by Star Trac; great for outdoor cyclists needing an indoor trainer.

Livestrong LS28IC Indoor Cycle - Train on the LS28IC Indoor Cycle, just like Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France pro-cyclist who says it’s the best bike there is. Only 500 units will be sold!

Livestrong LS5.0R Recumbent - Well-designed programming takes your weight loss fitness goals, strength, and endurance to the next level.

Livestrong LS6.0R Recumbent - Upgrade of the LS5.0R - includes a contour mesh back seat, higher resistance, and built-in Livetrack Interactive™ technology.

Livestrong LS5.0U Upright - Comes with Livetrack Interactive™ technology to track your fitness progress as you work out to an excellent selection of cardio and weight loss programs.

Livestrong R1x Recumbent - A club level model with a self-powered generator system and an extended home warranty.

Livestrong U1x Upright - A club quality bike backed by a premium warranty and best-in-class components.

Livestrong S-Series Indoor Cycle - Designed for high-use commercial facilities or anyone who wants a club quality bike for the home gym.

Livestrong E-Series Indoor Cycle - Designed for high-octane group exercise, yet offers the comfort and quiet performance you want for solo training sessions.

Marcy Classic Upright Fan Bike - The Marcy Fan Bike offers a rush of cooling air flow that not only provides a breeze while you workout, the fan flywheel is also the source of the bike’s resistance system.

Marcy Upright Mag Cycle - This compact and lightweight exercise bike is a good fit for tight spaces and small budgets.

Nautilus NB3000 Upright - Compact, super smooth and virtually silent with a rock solid frame that feels just like a commercial Nautilus stationary bike

Nautilus U514 Upright - A value-driven model that sells for under $400. It has a variety of programs, a heavy reliable flywheel, quiet operation, and a number of cool features.

Nautilus R514 Recumbent - A budget bike with a solid frame, quiet magnetic flywheel, and quality construction.

NordicTrack GX2.0 Upright - While the GX2.0 is an attractive model, for $299 you should check best-selling models from Schwinn and Stamina that get far better reviews from consumers.

NordicTrack GX2.5 Upright - A low budget machine that tries to be more than it is by adding lots of entertaining features like iFit compatibility and speakers for your iPod.

NordicTrack GX4.0 Recumbent - Rates above average in reviews; a good bike for the price and does the job if you are a casual exerciser.

NordicTrack GX2 Sport Bike - One of the best deals you can get for an entry-level spinning-type indoor cycle – if you can find it marked down 25% off its sale price of $399.

Nordic Track GX4.2 Pro Upright - The GX4.2 Pro gives you lots of options to stay motivated; 28 programs and 22 resistance levels combine in different ways for virtually limitless workouts.

NordicTrack GX5.0 Exercise Bike - A recumbent model with a step-through easy mount design. New for 2012, this model is a winner for users who need an affordable and reliable way to exercise.

NordicTrack GX5.5 Sport Indoor Cycle - Features include a performance monitor, inertia enhanced flywheel, and a wireless heart rate monitor so you can train in the right zone for best results.

NordicTrack Commercial VR - An excellent design from NordicTrack, probably the best indoor bike they make; surpassed user expectations.

Precor UBK 815 Commercial Series Upright - An ideal choice for luxury homeowners who want the best equipment for their home gyms; features advanced ergonomics and KOPS biomechanics.

Precor UBK 835 Commercial Series Upright - A self-powered commercial model that will help you stay motivated by providing an enjoyable and comfortable daily workout.

Precor RBK 835 Recumbent - This recumbent exercise bike delivers one of the smoothest, quietest rides you can find anywhere. Whether it’s for rehab, cardio health or cross-training, it is a joy to own and use.

Precor RBK 815 Commercial Series Recumbent - The RBK 815 will provide years of consistent, low-maintenance, worry-free workouts; perfect for luxury homes with high-end cardio equipment.

ProForm Le Tour de France Indoor Cycling Bike - Features an exciting angling frame that allows for more realistic training than your average spin bike or stationary cycle.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer - An unusual cross trainer that combines a recumbent exercise bike with a fully functional elliptical trainer.

ProForm 215 CSX Upright - The ProForm 215 CSX is a compact upright that offers several entertainment features at a reasonable price; built with the same features as the 200 CSX and the discontinued ZX2 upright.

ProForm 280 CSX Upright - While this is an attractive model that leaves off the frills, except for an iPod player plug-in and a console fan, it won’t make our Best Buy lists when it’s compared with other brands around the same price.

ProForm 315 CSX Recumbent - The recumbent frame on the 315 CSX features an easy-on, easy-off step-through frame and a quiet belt-drive system with magnetic resistance.

ProForm 385 CSX Recumbent - They cut too many corners in quality in order to keep the price down, and the results are a bike with excessive mechanical problems.

ProForm GTX Commercial Bike - The ProForm GTX offers an exciting new concept that will make you want to ride longer as you are constantly challenged and entertained; tilting movement recruits more work from core muscles groups.

ProForm 290 SPX Spinning Bike - Well built, easy to assemble, attractive, pedals smoothly, and only costs $299 on sale. Reviews on this exercise bike are highly favorable.

ProForm 490 SPX Indoor Cycling Bike - A solid performer with a hefty flywheel and a reliable chain drive system.

ProForm 590 SPX Indoor Cycle - No-maintenance belt drive system is an upgrade to the 490 SPX and 290 SPX chain-drive models.

ProForm ZX2 Upright - An updated version of the 200 CSX, a budget exercise bike that got lukewarm reviews by users and equipment experts.

ProForm ZR3 Recumbent - Reviews by consumers range from favorable to passable to furious. Most new owners are relieved to get past the tricky assembly of the console which is unnecessarily complicated.

Schwinn A10 Upright Exercise Bike - Best cardio cyling machine for $199 on the market today. Reviews are exceptional because of the quality and design that has gone into this unit.

Schwinn A20 Recumbent Exercise Bike - Impressive, nearly silent, compact in size; a better choice of a cardio machine than a treadmill or an elliptical for small apartments.

Schwinn 220 Recumbent Exercise Bike - Excellent value for users who want a well-built entry-level cardio machine; quiet operation, solid ride, easy assembly, great ergonomics.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike - Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars in hundreds of reviews written by current owners; has landed on several best buy lists at consumer research websites.

Schwinn 240 Recumbent Exercise Bike - Very smooth and absolutely whisper quiet; 20-pound flywheel, walk-through frame design, adjustable padded seat with dual-position lumbar support.

Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike - The upgraded version of the 240. Schwinn has added a few more programs, a fan, an MP3 input, speakers, and a new design on the console.

Schwinn AD4 Airdyne - Nothing beats the Airdyne with patented Air Resistance Technology. The reputation and longevity of this stationary bike is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Schwinn AD2 Airdyne - The Schwinn AD2 adopts the best features of the original Airdyne wind resistance technology in a quieter, smaller, easier to set up, and less expensive bike.

Schwinn AirDyne Evo Comp - A smaller and quieter version of the original AirDyne.

Schwinn 120 Upright - An affordable solution to get low-impact cardio workouts daily or several times a week.

Schwinn 130 Upright - Still available at several online retailers but is being phased out in favor of the newer Schwinn 140.

Schwinn 140 Upright - An impressive looking stationary bike with quality components, whisper quiet ride, adjustable seat and handlebars, comfortable pedaling stance.

Schwinn 150 Upright - The Schwinn 150 has the same specs as the best-selling 140 model, and comes with some welcome upgrades such as a more attractive display and an MP3 plug-in with built-in speakers.

Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycle - User reviews on the Schwinn IC2 are very favorable for this beginner’s model costing just $285.

Schwinn Active 20 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike - Not recommended for a number of reasons; users over 6 ft tall recommend that you skip this model.

Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer - This trainer gets awesome reviews from avid cyclists who have used a number of trainers and prefer this one because of the durability and low cost. Designed for bikes with a quick release rear wheel.

Smooth V350 Spinner Bike - Unique and stylish spin bike features a sleek frame, wide comfortable seat, multi-position handlebars and a heavy flywheel. It is a perfect combination for an intense workout.

Smooth V380 Upright - Durable and comfortable with a striking black frame, ergonomic handlebars, and 16 exercise programs.

Smooth V390 Semi-Recumbent - Hybrid frame allows the user to recline in a laid-back position with wide back support, or increase the angle and use the bike as an upright.

Smooth V2300 Elliptical Bike - The innovative Smooth V2300 offers users both a semi-recumbent bike and an elliptical trainer in one machine.

Sole SB700 Spin Bike - Offers many of the features of more expensive spinner bikes but at a greatly reduced price.

Sole B94 Upright Bike - An attractive and well-designed piece of cardio equipment that offers quality and no-nonsense programs to help you get and stay in shape.

Sole LCB Upright Bike - Light commercial unit has a larger flywheel for a smoother performance than the B94 model, plus more resistance levels, a longer warranty, and a self generating power source.

Sole R92 Recumbent Bike - Comfortable and relaxing, the Sole R92 gets you back in the exercise mode without breaking the bank; fits into most spaces where you hope to fit an exercise machine.

Sole LCR Recumbent Bike - Compact light commercial model offers good value for your money and will give you years of continuous and quality workouts. Rates well for aesthetics, ergonomic feel, ease of use, overall quality, and smoothness.

SportsArt Fitness C521r Recumbent Cycle - An easy-access and smooth pedaling bike. Superior warranty, quality components, and attractive console are the best reasons to go with this model.

SportsArt Fitness C521u Upright Cycle - The advanced training features puts it in a class far above its $1700 price tag. Exceptional styling, design, comfortable seat and ergonomic fit.

SportsArt Fitness C532r Recumbent Cycle - Basically the same bike as the C521r that costs $300 less. The difference is that the C532r comes with the Infrared remote and a lifetime parts warranty.

SportsArt Fitness C532u Upright Cycle - The state-of-the art C532u upright has features to enhance comfort to keep you motivated to ride longer and achieve your fitness goals faster.

Stamina 7200 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent - A comfortable model for average to tall users. There aren’t many bikes out there that can match the features and comforts of this recumbent.

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent - Reviews on this bike are 90% positive. A quality bike, comfortable and quiet, but don’t buy if you aren’t planning to use the upper body workout.

Star Trac eSpinner - The eSpinner features a weighted 43-lb flywheel that simulates the feel of riding a real bike outdoors. The display screen provides the ultimate in at-home, state-of-the-art training.

Star Trac NXT Indoor Bike - This is the one to buy if you are serious about owning a quality spin bike. Used exclusively for spin classes since the construction of the NXT has proven itself the best on the market.

Star Trac S-UBx Upright Bike - Reviews are positive in terms of attractiveness and programming, but on closer look this model doesn’t live up to the Star Trac appeal.

Star Trac S-RBx Recumbent Bike - A nice but expensive machine with comfortable armrests and wrap-around seat, with a feel that is comparable to a health club exercise bike.

Star Trac E-RBe Recumbent - One of the longest recumbent models at 66" and the heaviest, so expect the ride to be very stable, with a pedaling motion that is smooth and quiet.

Star Trac E-UBe Upright - Reviews on this model are favorable although they question the high price for the home model. Not too many people are willing to spend almost $4,500 on an exercise bike.

TruPace V320 Upright - An impressive array of features for a lightweight budget machine. It is a convenient and cheap way to get the cardio exercise you need on a daily basis.

TruPace V330 Recumbent - The semi-recumbent V330 has a large padded seat, easy to use console, smooth and quiet operation, and a low price that has to be seen to be believed.

Tunturi E60 Upright - Better value when compared to the E80 model that sells for over $2000. Optimal ergonomics and expansive programs make this bike a great choice for getting into shape.

Tunturi E80 Upright - Offers comfortable pedals that can be used even without wearing shoes. Electromagnet brake, large flywheel, easy mount frame, multiple adjustment points.

Tunturi E60R Recumbent - Outstanding ergonomics and innovative training programs; one of the best designed and best built recumbent bikes in the world.

Vision V-Series Indoor Cycle - Used in high-octane Spinning classes and by athletes training for road races and triathlons; rated for both home and commercial use.

Vision R2250 Semi-Recumbent Bike - Touted as the quietest bike in the fitness industry. Friction-free magnetic resistance uses no wearing parts to provide superior durability and ultra-quiet performance.

Vision E4000 Dual-Action Upright Bike - The quietest specialty bike on the market that allows you to control your resistance as well as get an upper body workout while pedaling.

The Weslo Pursuit CT 1.5 Upright - This compact exercise bike sounds like a bargain, but you won’t think it such a good deal when it stops working after a few workouts.

Weslo Pursuit G 2.8 Upright - The Weslo Pursuit G 2.8 costs around $170 but we wouldn’t recommend it if it sold for half that amount.

Weslo Pursuit S 2.8 Upright The Weslo Pursuit S 2.8 is rather flimsy and we can’t imagine this little bike can hold a max user weight of 250 pounds as well as the pounding torque of a vigorous workout.

Weslo Pro 11.0x Recumbent - One of the better models the company produces. Durable for users up to 250 pounds, yet nimble enough to move out of the way on its transport wheels when not in use.

Weslo Pro CTX Indoor Cycle - An amazingly quiet chain drive model, well-made, easy to assemble, and the price is ideal for a budget spin bike.

Weslo Pursuit R 4.8 Recumbent - Weslo's top-of-the-line model. However, the weak 90-day parts warranty is a red flag that this model is built with cheap components on a flimsy frame.

Weslo Pursuit CT 3.8 R Recumbent - Easy to assemble and remarkably quiet. If you need a cheap bike for warm-ups or Physical Therapy, this model could work well for you.

Discontinued Models

Schwinn 203 Recumbent Bike - A well-designed beginner’s model for low-impact cardio workouts. A good buy if $400 is your maximum budget.

Schwinn 231 Recumbent Bike - A quality exercise bike with good back support, well padded seat and easy step-in design.

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