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Exercise Bike Reviews – Compare Specs, Features, Prices, Warranties - Reviews and comparison charts for upright and recumbent bikes sorted by price. Opinions and reviews from fitness experts, users and consumers. Start your search here!

AFG Exercise Bikes – Reviews of a New Bike Line - The new line of AFG exercise bikes includes two hybrids and three recumbents. Hefty flywheels for smooth pedaling performance, fully adjustable seats, patented ProFILE performance tracking system.

Bladez Exercise Bikes – Outstanding Reviews - Bladez exercise bikes do well in reviews for design, ergonomics and ease of use, sturdy frames and reliable resistance systems, even a fast half hour assembly time out of the box.

Cybex Exercise Bikes - Universally Positive Reviews - Cybex exercise bikes have a strong following among fitness trainers and health club customers. Low maintenance, highly durable construction and design, built to last a long time.

Diamondback Exercise Bikes – Reviews of New Models - Diamondback exercise bikes are among the best recumbent and upright bikes in their price range, surprisingly affordable given the legendary name, and a delight to own.

Endurance Exercise Bikes / Body Solid Reviews - The line-up of Endurance exercise bikes includes commercial and light commercial recumbent, upright, and spin-style bikes. Reviews of Body Solid stationary bicycles.

Expresso Virtual Reality Bikes - Super high-end bikes offering HD video courses, top of the line features and capabilities you just don't find anywhere else.

Reviews of Epic Exercise Bikes – Better Than Average Models - Epic exercise bikes are an exciting addition to the line of fitness equipment offered by this company. These bikes have low maintenance thanks to the magnetic resistance system and sealed bearings.

Fitnex Exercise Bikes Rate Well in Reviews - Fitnex exercise bikes are stylish, well designed, with decent warranties. They offer better value than many competitor models because of the level of quality delivered at reasonable prices.

Reviews of HealthRider Exercise Bikes - HealthRider exercise bikes come in just two models, the $330 35x upright and the recumbent 35xr, which sells for $400. The bikes feature digital resistance control and silent magnetic resistance.

Horizon Exercise Bikes Earn Above Average Reviews - Horizon exercise bikes are built with first rate components, which is why you’ll have to pay just a bit more for them. Reviews of Horizon upright and recumbent indoor cycles.

Kettler Exercise Bikes – Rated Above Average in Reviews - Kettler exercise bikes, a full line of upright, recumbent, and indoor cycles. Best-engineered designs in the industry set the bar high for quality and workmanship.

Lifecore Exercise Bikes – Reviews of the New S-Series - Lifecore exercise bikes have received outstanding reviews by consumers. Super quiet, stylish, compact, comfortable; an excellent investment for maintaining health and wellness.

Life Fitness Exercise Bikes - LifeCycle® Reviews - Life Fitness exercise bikes are well built, comfortable, and extremely durable. Reviews of the legendary LifeCycle® bikes, used in health club facilities worldwide.

Lifespan Exercise Bikes – Best-Sellers in the Industry - Lifespan exercise bikes come in 4 great looking models made with quality components and solid workmanship. Read a number of reviews if you need further confirmation of the value of these bikes.

Reviews of Livestrong Exercise Bikes – True Road-Riding Experience - Get in shape with Livestrong exercise bikes!Read a few reviews on the brand and you will be convinced that this Lance Armstrong-endorsed brand can help you reach your fitness goals.

Marcy Exercise Bikes – Reviews of the Fan Bike & Mag Cycles - This very affordable line of exercise bikes leave off the frills and concentrate on giving the user a solid and stable frame, a simple display, and a smooth workout experience.

Reviews of Nautilus Exercise Bikes – Smooth, Quiet Workouts - The line of Nautilus exercise bikes includes two uprights and one recumbent. As value-driven machines, they are popular because of their affordable price and exceptional features.

NordicTrack Exercise Bikes – Reviews of the Recumbent / Upright Series - NordicTrack exercise bikes come in just a handful of models: two recumbents, two uprights, and an indoor mechanical spinning bike with a chain drive, one of the best bikes under $400.

Precor Exercise Bikes – Reviews of Self-Powered Upright & Recumbent Bikes - Precor exercise bikes for home users are the exact same bikes used in fitness centers around the world; superior bikes built with quality components and the best workmanship in the business.

Reviews of ProForm Exercise Bikes – Kudos for the Strong Points - Reviews on ProForm exercise bikes are average to above average. Good quality bikes at the right price: loaded with console features, adjustable for smaller/larger users for the right fit and comfort.

Reviews of Schwinn Exercise Bikes - Upright & Recumbent Bicycles - Quality engineering, economical design, exceptional low impact cardiovascular workouts. Reviews of Schwinn upright and recumbent stationary bicycles.

Smooth Exercise Bikes - Reviews of a Quality Brand - The debut of Smooth exercise bikes: 6 new models including a Spinner, two semi-recumbents, two uprights, and an innovative 2-in-1 elliptical / semi-recumbent model.

Sole Exercise Bikes – Reviews of 5 Great Indoor Bikes - Sole exercise bikes shine in areas of warranty, quality, performance and price. Own a high quality upright, recumbent or spin bike from the leading fitness equipment manufacturer.

SportsArt Fitness Exercise Bikes – Reviews of Home and Health Club Models - SportsArt Fitness exercise bikes are known for quality, exceptional layout of the display console, solid warranties, great customer service and value pricing of the products.

Stamina Exercise Bikes – Reviews of an Extensive Line - Stamina exercise bikes come in more than a dozen models of Recumbents, Recumbent Bike/Rowers, Uprights, Indoor Cycles for spinning, folding models, and an open flywheel Air Resistance Bike.

Star Trac Exercise Bikes – Reviews of Award-Winning Models - Star Trac exercise bikes are sturdy, quiet, comfortable, backed by excellent customer service. Award-winning Spinner® bikes, uprights and recumbents offer club quality workouts.

Sunny Health & Fitness - Solid Budget Priced Models - A decent choice in the entry-level category offering decent value and customer service.

Reviews of TruPace Exercise Bikes – The Quality Budget Brand - TruPace exercise bikes come in just two models: the V320 entry-level upright and the V330, a decent low cost semi-recumbent bike. Positive remarks and feedback from consumers.

Tunturi Exercise Bikes Get Favorable Reviews - Tunturi exercise bikes, a worry-free investment for your fitness needs. Unique design, silent operation, superior component quality; is it more bike than you really need?

Vision Exercise Bikes – Positive Reviews by Consumers / Industry Insiders - Vision exercise bikes are the most awarded indoor cycling products in the industry; 28 Best Buy awards over the past 14 years! One of the best health investments you can make.

Weslo Exercise Bikes - Reviews of Cheap Bikes Under $250 - Weslo exercise bikes are cheap, prices range from $99 to $249, but if that is all you can afford, then that is a lot of money to put out for an unreliable bike.

Consumer Info

Best Exercise Bikes - Reviews of the Top Indoor Bikes for 2016 - Our list of the best exercise bikes of 2016 in 3 different categories: these upright and recumbent bikes made the top of the list based on price, features, warranties and consumer reviews.

Best Indoor Cycling Bikes for 2016 - Due to the popularity of these exercisers we added them to our list and came up with the best choices in the category

Compare Exercise Bikes – Comparison Charts for Uprights / Recumbents - Compare exercise bikes with our bike comparison charts. Make an informed decision, determine which bike offers the best investment in terms of parts quality, reliability, low maintenance and warranty.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes - Effective Cardio Workouts - Recumbent exercise bikes, the best solution to your cardio workout needs. The seated reclining bike is effective, compact, and suffers few if any mechanical breakdowns.

Upright Exercise Bikes – Convenient Workouts - Upright exercise bikes provide low impact workouts and are more affordable than recumbent stationary bikes. Get a good workout without ever having to leave home.

Commercial Exercise Bikes – Reviews of Top Brands - Commercial bikes offer superior resistance, quiet operation, adjustable saddles and handlebars. Save up to 60% on a used, reconditioned model. Reviews of leading commercial brands.

Dual Action Exercise Bikes for Upper / Lower Body Workouts - Reviews of dual action exercise bikes: the ideal bikes for weight loss, cardio conditioning, lessening arthritis pain, convenience of a home workout, challenging and sweaty exercises.

Interactive Exercise Bikes – Reviews of Gaming Bikes - These interactive exercise bikes make you spend more time on the bike; burn more calories, get in better cardio shape. Convert any bike into a gaming bike with the XRGAMEKIT.

Mini Exercise Bikes – Reviews of Pedal Exercisers - Mini exercise bikes are not gimmicky gadgets for lazy exercisers. People with real needs are using these pedal exercisers and motorized mini bikes with good success.

Portable Exercise Bikes – Reviews of Bikes for Small Budgets - These go-anywhere portable exercise bikes are very affordable - even for those on a tight budget. Reviews of lightweight budget bikes and pedal exercisers for low-impact, non-jarring workouts.

Rehab Exercise Bikes – Reviews of Manual and Motorized Pedalers - Rehab cycles for people with joint or circulatory problems; a great way to put both the lower and upper parts of the body in motion for an effective low impact workout.

Reviews of Spinning Exercise Bikes – Cardio Pounding Workouts - Spinning bikes offer a feel and ride very similar to a road bike; adjustable seat and handlebars, heavy open flywheel, unlimited resistance levels. Reviews of Spinner® indoor cycles.

Cheap Exercise Bikes – Inexpensive Discount Bikes - Cheap exercise bikes don’t have to be cheap in terms of quality; how to find an inexpensive discount bike that offers good value for the price - 6 important things to look for.

Used Exercise Bikes – Reconditioned & Remanufactured Units - Used exercise bikes remanufactured right here in the USA. Where to find a quality used commercial bike at up to 60% off the original sticker price; these refurbished models look and perform as good as new.

Exercise Bike Buying Guide for Residential Models - This exercise bike buying guide helps you find a good reliable machine at an affordable price: 5 specific items to consider when shopping for recumbent, upright and other types of exercise bikes.

Exercise Bike Parts – Frame, Drive and Flywheel Parts - Most parts are affordable and easy to replace should something break or need upgrading. Where to buy OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer parts) to ensure a precision fit.

Exercise Bike Workouts – Programs, Routines, Motivation - Do your workouts at least 3 days a week or more for 30 minutes. Fat-burning, high intensity and virtual touring workout programs. Routines to challenge you; work your heart and lungs.

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The Exercise Bike Blog - What's New? - Reviews of stationary exercise bikes. Compare upright and recumbent exercise bikes, prices and features with our comparison charts.

About this Site – AllExerciseBikes.net - This exercise bike review site is designed so that you can shop with confidence knowing you have read the most up-to-date information on a variety of models. We hope you will find our website useful.

Disclaimer, Privacy Policy & Disclosure - All of our site policies for your review.

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