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Keiser spin bikes have quickly become some of the most popular indoor cycling trainers on the market today, built strong and durable to handle the most intense of workouts.  If your budget allows, these are about as good as it gets and worth the hefty price tag.

About the Bikes

Keiser Exercise Bikes

The Keiser Corporation was started 40 years ago by Dennis and Randy Keiser, and has since become one of the leading brands in high end training equipment.  An impressive 80% of all professional sports teams train on the company's equipment, as do Navy Seals, medical experts and major gyms across the globe.

To date over 300,000 Keiser spin bikes have been sold, and the company continues to conduct groundbreaking research to perfect their designs.

Although they make ellipticals, total body trainers and strength equipment, they are most well known for their indoor bikes.  They are extremely quiet and smooth, with one of the most natural, stable and comfortable motions you'll find.

Check out all of the latest and most popular models on sale here

The current lineup consists of the flagship M3, M3X, the M3i and the M3iX.

The Keiser M3 Indoor Bike features a V-shaped frame and handlebar, stainless steel hardware, a rear flywheel, the new advanced M Series Bike Pedal, magnetic resistance belt drive system, robust adjustment knobs and a 4-way adjustable seat.  It costs around $1,795 on sale.

The Keiser M3X Indoor Bike adds patented pivoting X-bars with 7 levels of resistance for an upper body workout.  It costs around $2,300 on sale.

The Keiser M3i Indoor Bike adds Bluetooth technology to the mix, fore-aft handlebar adjustment and a water bottle holder. It cost around $1,995 on sale.

The Keiser M3iX Indoor Bike is one of the newer spin bikes which offers both the pivoting X-bar and the Bluetooth technology.  It costs around $2,550 on sale.

Which Keiser M3 Bike Should You Choose?

All four versions of the Keiser spin bike are great, so it's a matter of choosing the one that most appeals to you.  The price differences are not that substantial.

If you just want the road bike experience, and don't need to sync your workout stats, then go with the flagship M3 base model.  It's the least expensive model they offer.

If the idea of an upper body workout appeals to you, then opt for one of the X bikes with their pivoting X-bars.  You can choose from 7 easy-adjustable resistance levels and it's kind of like you are making turns as you go side to side.

The most popular model these days is the M3i, which as we mentioned adds Bluetooth capability, allowing you to track and share your workouts via your favorite fitness apps.  This is a standard in gym settings, but more and more home users are opting for this as well, as it motivates them to reach their fitness goals faster.

Lastly, if you want the Bluetooth capability AND the pivoting X-bars to work your upper body muscles, then by all means go with the Keiser M3iX.

Note that the X models do not offer the fore-aft handlebar adjustability, due to the configuration of the X-bars.  Other than that, the bikes are relatively the same.  

You can use the free Keiser M Series app to sync your data on the Bluetooth models, as well as various other iOs and Android applications.

They all feature an advanced digital display computer that gives you all of your workout feedback, and it is buttonless to reduce the likelihood of mechanical issues.

You can monitor your heart rate on a Keiser spin bike with a compatible wireless chest strap such as the Polar H1 and T31.

So basically you need to decide if you like the idea of working out your upper body and if you need Bluetooth workout tracking.  That will hemp you choose the right Keiser M3 Series bike for you.

Leading the Indoor Cycling Industry

Keiser spin bikes get great reviews from experts and users, as both appreciate not only the build of these bikes but the smooth natural feel provided by the magnetic resistance.

Part of the reason why they are able to perfect the indoor cycle is because they don't make any other types of bikes.  They don't make uprights or recumbents...just indoor cycling bikes.  This laser like focus is why their spin bikes are unrivaled in the industry.

They offer a solid warranty on the M3...10 years on the frame, 2-3 years on various components, 1 year on the chrome and 90 days on smaller parts.  That's about as good as it gets, and is even better than what you get from Life Fitness, another manufacturer of very high grade exercise bikes.

All in all, the Keiser spin bikes are fantastic...from the base M3 to the M3i with Bluetooth to the new M3iX with the X-Bars for core training, they are great choices if you have the money for it.

What's the Bottom Line?

The Keiser M series is as good is it gets, and has been on our Best Spin Bikes list for several years now.  It's a winner, and this is due to the fact that, as we mentioned, these are the only type of bikes that they make.

The only decision to make here is whether you want the X bars and the we mentioned, the M3i is the most popular model the company makes, which has the Bluetooth without the X-bars.

If you're in the market for a high-end, rock solid indoor cycler that will last forever and deliver a high energy, effective workout, this is the ideal piece of cardio equipment for your home.

Get more info and special sale pricing on these bikes here!

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