Discontinued Exercise Bikes

On the page you will find discontinued exercise bikes, i.e. makes and models that are no longer being produced, have been replaced or are otherwise not being sold anymore.

We created this section to help those considering older models.  Perhaps you found a recumbent bike at a garage sale, or you found a really good deal on an old upright on eBay.

Below you will find hundreds of models that you can read about...some are very old, others have just been replaced.  If you don't find what you are looking for, just drop us a line and we'll see if we can dig up some information for you.

Want to see our expert's top picks?  Here are the Best Uprights/Recumbents and here are the Best Indoor Cycling Bikes




Horizon Exercise Bike Reviews

Horizon M4 Upright


Kettler HKS Polo M Upright
Kettler X1 Upright 
Kettler EX3 Upright
Kettler RX7 Recumbent

Life Fitness

Life Fitness LifeCycle 9500HR

NordicTrack Reviews

NordicTrack Commercial VR23
NordicTrack Commercial VR


Precor UBK 835 Upright
Precor RBK 835 Recumbent

ProForm Reviews

ProForm Tour de France Cycle
ProForm 490 SPX
ProForm 385 CSX
ProForm 590 SPX
ProForm 280 CSX
ProForm GTX
ProForm ZX2
ProForm 290
ProForm ZR3
ProForm 215 CSX
ProForm 315 CSX

Schwinn Exercise Bike Reviews

Schwinn 520 Recumbent Hybrid


Star Trac eSpinner
Star Trac NXT Indoor Bike
Star Trac E-UBe Upright
Star Trac E-RBe Recumbent




Bladez Fitness

Bladez Aero PRO 
Bladez Jet Upright

Cybex Reviews

Cybex Cyclone 530r Recumbent
Cybex Cyclone 530c Upright
Cybex 700r Recumbent
Cybex 700c Upright
Cybex 750r Recumbent
Cybex 750c Upright

Endurance Exercise Bikes

Endurance B2R Recumbent
Endurance B2U Upright
Endurance B2.5R Recumbent
Endurance B3R Recumbent
Endurance B3U Upright


Epic is out of business

Epic A17R Recumbent
Epic A17U Upright

Fitnex Reviews

Fitnex R50-S Recumbent
Fitnex B50 Upright

Lifecore Exercise Bikes

Lifecore LC1050UBs Upright
Lifecore LC850RBs Recumbent
Lifecore LC950RBs Recumbent
Lifecore LC1050RBs Recumbent


Lifespan S2 Indoor Cycle
Lifespan S4 Indoor Cycle


LiveStrong is out of business

Livestrong LS7.0B Recumbent
Livestrong LS9.9IC Indoor Cycle
Livestrong LS28IC Indoor Cycle
Livestrong LS5.0R Recumbent
Livestrong LS6.0R Recumbent
Livestrong LS5.0U Upright
Livestrong R1x Recumbent
Livestrong U1x Upright
Livestrong S-Series Indoor Cycle
Livestrong E-Series Indoor Cycle


Nautilus U514 Upright
Nautilus R514 Recumbent
Nautilus NB3000 Upright

Smooth Fitness 

Smooth V350 Spinner Bike
Smooth V380 Upright
Smooth V390 Semi-Recumbent
Smooth V2300 Elliptical Bike


SportsArt C521r Recumbent
SportsArt C532r Recumbent
SportsArt C521u Upright
SportsArt C532u Upright

Stamina Bikes

Stamina 7200 Recumbent


TruPace is out of business

TruPace V320 Upright
TruPace V330 Recumbent

Tunturi Bikes

Tunturi E60R Recumbent


Weslo Pursuit S 2.8 Upright
Weslo Pursuit R 4.8 Recumbent
Weslo Pursuit CT 3.8R
Weslo Pro 11.0x Recumbent
Weslo Pro CTX Indoor Cycle

Discontinued Bikes - Summary

So there you have the all of the exercise bikes that have been discontinued.  You can click on the model to learn more about it, including specs, features, user and expert reviews and more.

If you are interested in a new model, check out our latest exercise bike reviews here, where you'll find all of the current models from top brands.

UPDATE: End of Summer Exercise Bike Sales are going strong!


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