The ProForm X Bike is an Affordable Entry Level Machine

The ProForm X Bike was recently introduced to provide an even more affordable option than their popular Hybrid Trainers, which are already very inexpensive.

For those looking for something decent under $250, the base and up-level Duo model are definitely worth a look.

The Bike

The base X Bike is silver and black, with an upright frame, SpaceSaver folding design, adjustable seat and resistance and large LCD display.  The Pro model adds iFit Coach, 14 workouts and an adjustable console.

Let's take a look at some of the important specs...

ProForm X Bike Base Model
  • Large LCD Display
  • Easy folding capability
  • Inertia-enhanced flywheel
  • Easy assembly
  • Transport wheels
  • 250 lb. weight capacity
  • iFit Coach workouts (Duo model)
  • 8-14 resistance levels

The Buzz

UPDATE: It looks like the ProForm X-Bike has been discontinued. You can check out the latest ProForm exercise bike reviews here.


The ProForm X-Bike has been very well received thus far, as it gives those with a lower budget a good option for exercising without spending a lot of money.  

At around $149 on sale for the base X-Bike and $249 for the Duo when we first conducted our reviews, they are the most affordable of all of the ProForm exercise bikes.  It was a very smart move for the company, as the under $300 market was not very well served previously.

Now, these bikes are far from fancy, and certainly don't have the features that the company's other uprights and recumbents do.  But for under $300 you really can't expect too much.

Still, you can do far worse.  The base X-Bike is upright only, and folds easily for storage.  You can choose up 8 levels of resistance using the tension knob.  The seat can be adjusted to a variety of levels vertically.

A large LCD display shows you your time, heart rate, speed and calories burned during your workout.  The pedals have straps to keep your feet more secure.  You have a tablet holder and transport wheels for easy storage post workout.

For $100, you might want to opt for the Duo version, as it gives you a lot more features.  For starters, it has iFit Coach capability which gives you access to a ton of trainer designed workout programs, tracking, sharing and Google maps so you can bike anywhere in the world and watch it unfold on your iPad.

The Duo model also gives you the choice of using it as a recumbent or an  upright (hence the name) as well as 14 workouts built in and 14 resistance levels as opposed to 8.

Any negatives?  Well, as expected the warranties aren't great, but that's always the case on very inexpensive cardio equipment.  They're just not built to handle very heavy usage.  The ProForm X-Bike Duo has slightly better coverage than the base model, with 5 years on the frame added to the 90 day parts and labor warranty.

Our Take on the X-Bike

If your budget is under $300 and you want a decent exercise bike for your home, the X-Bikes are a very good option for you.  You can choose different resistance levels, and if you opt for the Duo model you'll get some nice built in workouts and the ability to use the iFit Coach package which offers a ton of additional features and capabilities.

It's not the best exercise bike you will ever use, but for new users or basic workouts you'll definitely be able to achieve your fitness goals.

See the specs and get special discounted pricing here!

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