How to Use the Exercise Bike Weight Loss Program on Your Machine

For faster results, use the exercise bike weight loss program installed on your machine which will automatically adjust the bike’s resistance levels to maintain your heart rate in the correct zone for optimum calorie burn.

You already know that riding is considered a cardio exercise which works the heart and lungs giving you an aerobic workout.

Bike riding also works the large muscles in the legs and hips, and helps tone the lower half of the body. But the exercise bike is good for losing excess weight as well as maintaining a consistent weight.

How Much Can You Burn?

The amount of calories you can burn depends on several factors of age, weight, and overall fitness level. It also depends on the amount of effort you put into it, that is, riding at a leisurely pace, a moderate pace, or a vigorous pace, plus the total time you spend exercising.

At a slow pace of about 10 to 12 mph, you can expect to burn about 140 calories in a half an hour. Once your stamina and endurance improve with exercising 3 or 4 times a week, you can speed up to a moderate pace with higher resistance and/or a faster pedal cadence, and burn up to 300 calories in a half hour.

With a vigorous exercise bike workout program you’ll burn even more — up to 900 to 1000 calories — especially when you incorporate some “hill climbs” by dialing up the tension and standing up to pedal. If you are using a traditional stationary bike or one of the modern spin bikes, the upright design allows for a more intense cardio workout. You increase your energy expenditure when you stand and hold your body weight up than you do when resting your weight on a seat.

If you have a health condition that prevents you from using an upright bike, you can opt to use a recumbent exercise bike for weight loss. Programs such as intervals, heart rate, hills, and weight loss are usually included on these bikes, and the reclining design offers a comfortable seat with a full padded backrest to provide lumbar support.

Dial Up the Resistance

Combining the low impact of an exercise bike with weight loss programs is also an ideal way to drop excess pounds safely.

For a more effective workout, take advantage of the pre-set programs that will vary the resistance setting to make it more difficult to pedal, as well as instruct you when to pedal faster or slower.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that people spend at least 30 minutes doing physical activity for disease prevention and from 60 to 90 minutes for effective weight loss.

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