The Exercise Bike HIIT Workout: A Proven Technique for Rapid Fat Loss

Performing training techniques like the exercise bike HIIT workout are easier to do on a spin bike than on any other type of cardio machine including the treadmill and elliptical. In fact, spinners were built for just such intense exercise!

Why It’s a Hit

The term HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, a proven technique that has been effective in rapid fat loss and improving one’s overall fitness level. In addition, it takes less time to do an exercise bike HIIT workout than doing a regular workout: about 15 minutes compared to an hour.

The concept behind this type of training is simple: you go all out in a sprint for 10 to 15 seconds, have a 30-second recovery phase where you slow down, then sprint again, another recovery, and so on for about 10 to 15 minutes doing about 15 sets if you can. As always, you should also do a 5-minute warm-up before your session and a 5-minute warm down afterwards.

HIIT is usually done while running, since the alternating phases of sprints and resting intervals are easy to do without having to constantly adjust speed – a problem with doing HIIT on a treadmill.

In an exercise bike HIIT workout, the idea is to simply pedal faster, getting up the cadence or RPMs and going hard for 15 seconds, then slowing during the recovery, and going again.

Why Exercise Bike Interval Training Works

Studies show that HIIT gives dramatic results for burning excess adipose tissue – up to 50% more than traditional hour-long cardio bike rides can. An exercise bike high-intensity interval training ride increases the aerobic and anaerobic thresholds similar to performing a HIIT session on a running track.

However, the bike offers an important advantage: low impact. If you are overweight and don’t want to put added stress on your knees and joints by running, use a spin or stationary bike for a lower impact HIIT!

Get Results - Fast

If you want to lose weight fast, you can start doing high intensity training three times a week. The key to success is to keep doing it, since it won’t be easy and the first few times will be very taxing. Don’t get discouraged, just keep doing it and you will see results.

Here’s another benefit: as your endurance level improves, your body will have an improved resting metabolic rate. Even hours after you have finished exercising, the higher metabolism helps to burn more calories.

Try the exercise bike HIIT workout and stick with it for a few weeks. It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes per session but the results are dramatic.

Exercise Bike Workouts – Making the Time Spent Exercising Fun

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