Used Exercise Bikes – Save Up to 60% on a First Rate Cycle

You can save a lot of money on quality used exercise bikes that had been used in public gyms and health clubs. Recycled and refurbished, these high-end bikes are brought back to life, ready for a new owner and many more years of daily workouts.

How & Where to Find Better Quality Used Equipment

The ergonomics, attractive design, solid frame, and advanced components in commercial exercise bikes is first rate since they are heavily used in health club facilities, recreation centers, corporate gyms, universities, hospitals, and hotels all over the world.

You can own these quality machines privately and do so at up to 60% off the original sticker price. Here’s how: buy a model that has been reconditioned.

Used Exercise Bikes

One place to shop for used reconditioned exercise bikes is at store that carry a selection of uprights and recumbents from brands such as Life Fitness, Precor, Star Trac, and True.

These are commercial and light commercial bikes remanufactured to look and perform as good as new, often with only minor cosmetic blemishes. Stripped to the frame and rebuilt with new electronics and key components to factory specifications, these companies also backs up their warranty coverage with lifetime tech support.

See Popular Refurbished Exercise Bikes at Amazon

You should also know that these used exercise bikes are remanufactured right here in the USA, providing jobs for certified technicians and helping the local economy. The renewed bikes received the latest upgraded technologies if available so you aren’t going backwards by buying a model that was discontinued last year or five years ago.

When a New Residential Model Makes More Sense

Remanufactured Exercise Bike

Do take the time to weigh the pros and cons of buying used exercise bikes. Unless you train seriously, you may not need the high-end components and advanced programs of a commercial bike.

Generally, a stationary bike used in cardio workouts is far less expensive than buying a treadmill; you can get a very good quality new bike for between $500 and $1000 that will last you for 10 years or more.

A heavier user of 300 pounds or more should research the more expensive bikes because of the better frames, but otherwise, a new residential bike a $650 with a nice warranty will make more sense than a reconditioned commercial model with little to no warranty.

Buy the Best as a Recycled Product

Reconditioned Exercise Bike

Another point to consider is that if you shop for used exercise bikes for sale from private owners, it may amount to buying someone else’s headache.

There are “gently used” bikes listed on Craigslist and in the weight training forums, but remember that the bike won’t be covered by a warranty and won’t have been serviced, calibrated, and tested by a certified technician. You are taking a risk by buying secondhand from a private owner.

In the long run, it pays to buy from a reputable company that specializes in rebuilt exercise equipment. If you like the idea of going green by buying a recycled bike, or just like to save a ton of money on a first rate bike at a bargain price, reconditioned used exercise bikes are the way to go.

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