TRUE Fitness ES900 Recumbent Bike–Maximize Your Workout Space

Combining all of the great features that TRUE Fitness is known for with one of the smallest footprints in the industry for a walk-through bike, the TRUE Fitness ES900 recumbent is designed to maximize your workout space.

Like all TRUE Fitness equipment it is also backed with their exceptional customer support, including a lifetime frame warranty and service plan.

Although recumbent bikes aren't as popular as they once were, there's still a strong market for them as they offer good back support, allowing those who might not be able to workout otherwise an opportunity to get some good cardio in.

Let's see what the ES900 is all about...

The Bike

The ES900 Recumbent Bike is the top end offering from TRUE Fitness, designed to accommodate users of all fitness levels while providing commercial-grade features.

Features include an easily accessible walk-through design, ergonomic-enhanced reclining mesh seat, the T9 Touchscreen console and a self generating power source.

Let's take a look at some of the most important features...

TRUE ES900 Recumbent
  • Self generating power source
  • T9 Touchscreen console
  • TRUE HRC Cruise Control
  • Hybrid self-generating brake with 30 resistance levels
  • 3-piece forged steel crank system with sealed bearings
  • Multi-function thumb controls
  • Dual-sided pedals with weighted and integrated ratcheting strap
  • Robotically welded heavy-gauge steel frame
  • Reclining fatigue resistant elastic mesh seat back with conforming lumbar support and 24 position settings
  • Two position handlebars with moisture resistant sleeves
  • Bluetooth and contact heart monitoring with compatible Polar monitor
  • Water bottle holders, accessory tray and reading rack/tablet holder
  • User weight capacity: 159 kg/350 lb.
  • Dimensions/Weight: 58” x 26" x 50.5”/180 lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 10 yrs parts, 1-yr labor, 7 years T9 console

The Buzz

The ES900 Recumbent Bike includes the most advanced technology TRUE Fitness has to offer with their T9 Touchscreen console.

The T9 Touchscreen, also available on the ES900 upright bike, includes challenging workout programs for any fitness level and the ability for up to six users to save their custom profile information.

You can manage your workout data with the GymTrakr App and the mobile integration lets you share workouts with other devices and apps, including NIKE+, Strava and MyFitnessPal. The T9 is also compatible with the Zwift App, where you can choose from 5 virtual worlds with 80+ routes, set training goals or chat with other Zwift users.

With the T9 Touchscreen you can also monitor your heart rate using TRUE’s patented HRC Cruise Control. Just lock in on your targeted heart rate and once it’s entered, the one touch HRC Cruise Control will adjust speed and incline automatically throughout your workout to maintain your target heart rate, just like the cruise control setting on your car. This is a great feature that is unique to TRUE Fitness equipment. You also have the option to track your heart rate through the wireless Polar Heart Rate Strap, which is included.

Convenient thumb controls on the contact heart rate handlebars let you quickly and easily adjust workout intensity without having to change positions, so you can stay focused and get the most out of your workout.

Technological advances are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ES900. This recumbent bike is built to last with commercial-grade construction but TRUE Fitness also has a reputation for safety and that begins with their reinforced step-through design.

The TRUE Fitness ES900 Recumbent Bike is also designed for comfort with a reclining mesh seat that is ergonomically designed for lumbar support and allows for infinite adjustment to fit any body type and relieve painful stress on the hips. This unique seat design offers one of the most comfortable rides in the industry and makes for a perfect low impact workout and a convenient built-in water bottle holder and reading rack/tablet holder let you keep everything you need close at hand.

This may be a commercial-grade bike but the ES900 is also built with the home gym in mind.  It has one of the smallest footprints in the industry for a high end bike and with a self-generating power source you aren’t tethered to an electrical outlet so you can position it wherever you want. We particularly like this added flexibility which truly lets you maximize your workout space.

As a high end model the TRUE Fitness ES900 Recumbent Bike carries a fairly steep price tag, retailing at around $4,299, which may put it out of the price range of many customers but TRUE Fitness regularly has special offers that can help to mitigate the cost.

Is the TRUE Fitness ES900 Recumbent Bike Worth Buying?

At this price level it’s more important than ever to consider whether the TRUE Fitness ES900 Recumbent Bike is really worth the investment. There are certainly more affordable options on the market, including some mid and high level bikes that have plenty going for them, but the ES900 has several unique features that help it stand out from the pack.

The T9 Touchscreen console gives you plenty of workout options and the patented HRC Cruise Control feature, which you can’t get with any other brand, adds a great level of convenience that we really appreciated. The built-in comfort features also add to its appeal. The infinite adjustments of the contoured mesh seat make it one of best rides we’ve ever experienced. 

Not everyone will be able to make the considerable investment in the TRUE Fitness ES900 Recumbent Bike but if you’ve got the room in your budget we definitely recommend this model.

How Does The TRUE Fitness ES900 Recumbent Bike Stand Up To The Competition?

Of course there are many models of recumbent bikes on the market today, so it’s worth comparing to see how the TRUE Fitness ES700 stands up to the competition from names like NordicTrack, Sole, Lifespan and Precor.

NordicTrack, one of the premier names in home fitness equipment, offers the R35 Recumbent Bike. The R35 has a nice, oversized padded seat with mesh back but can’t really stand up to the TRUE Fitness ES900’s ergonomically designed adjustable reclining seat. Unlike the ES900, NordicTrack also offers a 14” touchscreen with high-def resolution and iFit content. At $1,499 it’s a good mid-range model.

The LifeSpan R5i is a great option for users with mobility issues as well as larger users with its wide step-through frame and oversized molded seat with ventilated back and extra lumbar support. It lacks the touchscreen of the TRUE Fitness ES900, but it is easy enough to track your stats and select a workout program on its console with LCD screen. It retails at $1,399, putting it at mid-level.

One of the higher end options, retailing at around $3,700, is the Precor RBK 815 Commercial Recumbent Bike. It features their cardio theater LCD console with easy to read display windows showing all your stats including time elapsed, time remaining, distance, speed, resistance and more. It has only 25 resistance levels compared to the TRUE Fitness ES900’s 30 levels and its patented Air Flex Adjustable seat only has 11 positions. It is also much larger and heavier than the ES900, weighing in at a hefty 210 lbs.

At around $2,400 the Sole Fitness LCR Light Commercial Recumbent bike is designed specifically for light commercial settings as well as home gyms. It’s equipped with a 30 lb. heavy flywheel with a remarkable 40 levels of resistance that outreaches the 30 levels on the TRUE Fitness ES900, but its 9” LCD console, while functional, falls far short of the T9 Touchscreen on the ES900.

It has a comfortable, padded seat but lacks mesh fabric for ventilation.  Like ES900, it has a small footprint and a self-generated power source that provides maximum flexibility and at just 157 pounds it is much easier to move than most models.

TRUE holds its own in this category though, and it definitely stands out in most side by side comparisons.

Our Take on the TRUE Fitness ES900 Recumbent Bike

At $4,299 we realize that the TRUE Fitness ES900 Recumbent Bike is not going to fit into everyone’s budget but if you can manage that kind of expense, we think this bike is well worth the investment. With their reputation for quality, comfort and safety, TRUE Fitness has made this a high end bike worthy of its price tag.

We certainly appreciated the focus on comfort and safety, including the reinforced step-through design and the contoured reclining mesh seat with infinite adjustment capability. That truly lives up to its reputation as one of the most comfortable rides in the industry, which made even a longer workout a real pleasure.

The small footprint and energy conscious self-generated power source were also nice touches, enabling this sturdy machine to fit into even the tightest home gym space.

Like the other TRUE Fitness models, the real standout feature on the ES900 Recumbent Bike is their patented HRC Cruise Control. We loved having the ability to set a target heart rate and have the machine make automatic adjustments to maintain it throughout the workout. That made for a much smoother experience without all the annoying disruptions.

Obviously the TRUE Fitness ES900 Recumbent Bike will be a considerable investment but this is one company that goes the distance to make the expense easier on their customers. TRUE Fitness has some of the best warranties we’ve seen and all of their equipment is built to be durable. Their regular special offers can also help to lower the price. For a commercial quality machine that is built to last and designed to maximize your workout space, you can’t really go wrong with this model. 

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