ProForm TDF Pro 5.0 - A Feature-Packed Racing Exercise Bike

The TDF Pro 5.0 is the top of the line model in the Tour De France series from ProForm, featuring a large color touch screen that's fully web-enabled.  With automatic incline and decline, this officially sanctioned exercise bike lets you simulate an actual outdoor ride anywhere in the world.

The Bike

The Pro 5.0 comes with a 10" touchscreen console with Android browser, allowing you to browse the web, watch videos, post on your social pages and more.  It also shows the relevant workout stats such as resistance level, speed, time, distance, heart rate and calories burned.

Let's take a look at the impressive stats...

ProForm TDF Pro 5.0 Indoor Exercise Bike
  • Electronic shifting controls/30 gears
  • 20% Incline/20% Decline
  • 24 tour workout apps
  • Web enabled 10" touchscreen
  • SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • iFit enabled with Google maps
  • HD video workouts
  • Adjustable saddle and handlebars
  • Pedals with toe cages and straps
  • Polar® Wireless HR monitoring (strap not included)
  • iPod® compatible + built-in speakers
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs
  • Dimensions: 64"L x 25"W x 56"H
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 3 yr parts, 1 yr labor

The Buzz

ProForm TDF Pro 5.0 Bike Console

UPDATE:  The ProForm TDF Pro 5.0 has been updated and is now called the Studio Bike Pro.  Check out that review for the latest information.

Reviews of the ProForm TDF Pro 5.0 have been very positive thus far, and users have enjoyed them as well.  One of the early complaints about the Tour De France bikes was that they didn't really simulate an outdoor cycling experience.

ProForm seems to have addressed many of those issues, dropping the handlebars, allowing for gear shifting and incorporating more adjustability.  As a result, even the most demanding rider will be satisfied with the newer models.

With the TDF Pro 5.0, you can create a route for yourself anywhere in the world via Google maps, and the machine automatically adjusts your incline, decline and resistance level to match the terrain.  This is a very cool feature that you don't find anywhere else.

It can incline up to 20% and decline up to 20% which gives you a lot of flexibility.

The list of features is really endless, as ProForm always strives to give you a lot for your money.  You have Silent Magnetic Resistance which makes the ride very quiet and smooth; you have a Power Meter which gives you an indication of your performance; you get 24 built in workouts plus HD videos and even more workouts via iFit, which also has tons of tracking and sharing capability; you get 30 gears and adjustable handlebars and saddle.

As far as comfort and extras, you get BLE wireless heart rate technology, transport wheels, dual water bottle holders, leveling feet and iPod compatibility with dual speakers.

The TDF Pro 5.0 is just packed with features and's amazing just how much they are able to incorporate.

Any negatives during our reviews?  Sure there are always some drawbacks with any exercise bike.  For starters, the TDF Pro 5.0 is not cheap.  It's about $1999 on sale which is expensive for an exercise bike. So unless you are a very serious rider, you may not need such a serious bike.

Also, it would be nice if it came with the wireless heart rate monitor included, as it sometimes does with exercise machines in this price range.  While we're on the subject, it would also be nice if a year of iFit was included as well.  Although it is well worth the price of $99 per year with all of the features it offers, there's no reason why they can't include the first year free like they used to.

But these are not deal breakers.  If you need to train inside these are very solid bikes that are close enough to the real thing to make them a good choice.

Our Take on the TDF Pro 5.0 From ProForm

They've made a lot of improvements to the Tour De France bikes, and they are definitely much better than they were when they first introduced them.

All three models are good, but we definitely appreciated the touch screens on the Pro 4.0 and 5.0 models.  The base TDF 2.0 has an LCD screen, so in order to view the Google maps you have to use your own tablet...not ideal but it saves you $700 or so.

Other than the consoles there is not much difference between the models, so it's a matter of deciding which one is right for you.  All of them will allow you to train hard and be as close as you can be to feeling like you are out there leading the peloton.

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