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Indoor cycling is ideal for getting fit and ProForm exercise bikes are budget priced so that anyone of any fitness level can afford to start on the road to good health.

About the Company

ProForm is one of the brands owned by the large fitness equipment conglomerate, ICON Fitness, which also owns NordicTrack. In the case of ProForm, larger isn’t necessarily better as this brand has some issues with quality control and the customer service is lacking. Both of those drawbacks can be easily corrected. The important point is that ProForm strives to provide good quality bikes with attractive features at prices the public can afford.

A Few Standouts

Portable Exercise Bikes

There are four or five ProForm bikes that sell for $199 to $399, and one better quality upright bike at around $999. These uprights and recumbents are available online as well as at Sears, Wal-mart, Costco, and sporting goods stores. There are one or two bikes that are quite notable as they receive a lot of positive feedback in exercise bike reviews.

The Proform 290 SPX is a home spin bike that sells for $299 - $399. It is completely mechanical with no console, so don’t consider it a “cheap” exercise bike; it is value-priced as there just isn’t much to break down. Since there is no electronic feedback, this is a model you just get on and ride. The resistance is friction-based and easy to adjust with the turn of a knob.

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Proform Recumbent Exercise Bikes

The ProForm 290 SPX has an identical cousin made by NordicTrack. It is the same exercise bike right down to the nuts and bolts but with different decals and usually a different paint scheme. Several ProForm models and NordicTrack models are identical. If you can’t find the bike you want on sale from ProForm, check the NordicTrack website and see if you can find the same bike for less during their sale of the week.

What the Public Thinks

The reviews on ProForm bikes are average to above average. The bikes are so inexpensive that users are realistic in their expectations and give them kudos for the strong points, particularly the features on the spin bike and the entry-level recumbents. ProForm exercise bikes are loaded with console features, adjustability for smaller and larger users for the right fit and comfort, and the right price.


ProForm Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle - Features an exciting angling frame that allows for more realistic training than your average spin bike or stationary cycle.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer - An unusual cross trainer that combines a recumbent exercise bike with a fully functional elliptical trainer.

ProForm 215 CSX Upright - The ProForm 215 CSX is a compact upright that offers several entertainment features at a reasonable price; built with the same features as the 200 CSX and the discontinued ZX2 upright.

ProForm 280 CSX Upright - While this is an attractive model that leaves off the frills, except for an iPod player plug-in and a console fan, it won’t make our Best Buy lists when it’s compared with other brands around the same price.

ProForm 315 CSX Recumbent - The recumbent frame on the 315 CSX features an easy-on, easy-off step-through frame and a quiet belt-drive system with magnetic resistance.

ProForm 385 CSX Recumbent - They cut too many corners in quality in order to keep the price down, and the results are a bike with excessive mechanical problems.

ProForm GTX Commercial Bike - The ProForm GTX offers an exciting new concept that will make you want to ride longer as you are constantly challenged and entertained; tilting movement recruits more work from core muscles groups.

ProForm 290 SPX Upright - Well built, easy to assemble, attractive, pedals smoothly, and only costs $299 on sale. Reviews on this exercise bike are highly favorable.

ProForm 490 SPX Upright - A solid performer with a hefty flywheel and a reliable chain drive system.

ProForm 590 SPX Upright - No-maintenance belt drive system is an upgrade to the 490 SPX and 290 SPX chain-drive models.

ProForm ZX2 Upright - An updated version of the 200 CSX, a budget exercise bike that got lukewarm reviews by users and equipment experts.

ProForm ZR3 Recumbent - Reviews by consumers range from favorable to passable to furious. Most new owners are relieved to get past the tricky assembly of the console which is unnecessarily complicated.

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