Waiting on Capti bike

by TEY
(Fort Worth, TX, USA)

Capti (the Interactive Fitness company's successor to the Expresso Bike) was preordered and promised for December 2021 delivery. Every two weeks there is another excuse why the bike can't be shipped, from supply chain issues to wrong parts being received by a supplier/maker, and so on. 2 different company executives have promised in writing (after being prompted) the bike will ship within 2-4 weeks, and that there will be a list published so pre-orders can see where they are on the list.

the pre-order was done in October 2021, and the supply chain issues cited should have been factored in since the pandemic was already 18 months along.

The bike looks great on their website but who knows? Not sure if the company is fraudulent or incompetent or both. Even the website offers no answers or updates, only to say that bikes are available in April, which used to say March, which previously said December....

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been there
by: Anonymous

In the same boat until recently when bike was finally delivered. but bike already broke twice. The first time happened on day 8 and put the bike out of commission for 2 weeks. A week later it would not start up. we are still waiting for service.

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