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Landice has been a leader in the cardio equipment industry for many years now, winning numerous awards and accolades for the quality and design of their machines.  Their exercise bikes are built with both comfort and durability in mind, giving you a very solid workout with optimal biomechanics.

About the Company

Landice has been around since 1967, and since the beginning they have focused on producing the highest quality treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes.

They are based in Randolph, New Jersey, and are family run, which the company prides itself on.  Unlike many other companies, all of their products are manufactured in the United States.

In addition to their home exercise equipment lineup, they also make commercial cardio machines that are used in hospitals, police and fire departments, rehab centers, universities and by professional sports teams.

One of the major draws of Landice exercise bikes is the fact that they come with a lifetime warranty...if anything every breaks or malfunctions, the company will replace it.  You just don't find that anywhere else.

Landice Exercise Bikes

About the Bikes

What consumers tend to like about Landice is the narrow choices, rather than the dizzying array of options that other exercise equipment companies offer.

There are only 2 bikes: 1 recumbent and 1 upright.  That's it.  What you see is what you get, so the company makes sure those two bikes are as good as it gets.

The Landice R7 Recumbent has easy access step-through design, adjustable ventilated seat, resistance controls on the grips and self balancing pedals.

It utilizes quiet, smooth eddy current resistance, with ranges from 1 all the way up to 20.  You have heart rate monitoring in two locations for convenience and a bright, large LED display with all of the relevant workout stats.

Some of the extras include a tablet holder, water bottle holder, accessory pocket, three speed fan and transport wheels.  You can also add additional features such as a wireless chest strap, mesh seat and the Landice 19" LCD vision system.

The Landice U7 Upright has all of the same features as the recumbent, plus racing style handlebars and cushioned tapered seat.

Both Landice exercise bikes have a 350 lb. max weight capacity and a 15 lb. flywheel, so they can stand up to even the hardest of workouts.  There are 8 built in workouts, 5 user programs and 2 heart rate focused workouts to choose from.

Are They Worth the High Price?

Landice exercise bikes are expensive, starting at around $2800 or so for the U7 without the available options.  So they are certainly not for those on a budget and it's a lot of money to spend on a bike.

Still, these are very high quality cardio machines with some of the smoothest, most natural motions you will find.  There are not a lot of bells and whistles here, as it is all about the workout...which is the most important element anyway.

But take a look at Matrix bikes if you want something with a little more new technology built in, i.e. workout tracking, HD videos, touch screens, Bluetooth, etc.  They recently entered the residential market and their cardio machines are top-notch as well.

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