Impulse Pro RU500 and Pulse Fitness 240G U-Cycle user review

by Felix Philip Spann
(Plymouth, Devon.)

I recently purchased a new impulse Pro RU500 upright bike for my home gym along with a Pulse Fitness 240G U-Cycle upright bike.

The RU500 is easily the most comfortable of the two bikes by far.
But if your a wanting a good work out at home from an indoor bike the RU500 is a complete waste of money.

I have never used an indoor bike before I purchased these two bikes and haven't ridden a normal outdoor bike in years.
But after only a month of using the RU500 daily, I can do a 50 minute workout on the maximum resistance level of 20 for the whole 50 minutes without hardly pushing my heart rate over 120 beats a minute.
So doing interval training etc is a waste of time on the RU500 because I can already use the bike comfortably on the maximum resistance level for a long period of time.
The resistance levels on the RU500 are basically set far far to low for anyone to possibly use the bike for an intense workout out unfortunately and there is no possible way of upping the resistance levels according to their manufacturer.

Then there is the Pulse Fitness 240G.
Slightly less comfortable to ride but it has many more features than the RU500 and the most important of all 40 levels of resistance.
I can hardly do one revolution on the maximum resistance setting of 40. So I can see it taking me years to get up anywhere near the maximum resistance levels on the 240G Pulse Fitness Bike.

So if you are looking for a challenging workout from a upright home bike stay well clear of the Impulse pro range is my advice.

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